Snow week in Polsa di Brentonico, Trentino Alto Adige

When  festivities are going to ending, ski weeks become the main characters of Italian Holidays. Mountains will be, during those months, the main destination of Italian tourism, where enjoying snow and ski slopes. Clearly, Trentino Alto Adige, is the region the most popular to spend winter holidays, so let’s exploring Polsa di Brentonico, a little locality that worth discover.

La Polsa is a locality of Brentonico, the Trentino Alto Adige southern edge, only 16 km far away from Rovereto. This name is taken from its form, that recall a washbowl. Recently has become touristic locality (70’s years).

Polsa is set on Brentonico Plateau and leans Monte Baldo, mountains rich in shelters and refreshment stations.

Nearby passes the Famous “Street of Peace”, crossing the region, between history and hiking.

Polsa di Brentonico is the ideal place to spend a ski week in Trentino. This locality has a ski lift system which arrives to the area of Polsa- San Valentino, where you will find 40 Km of ski slopes perfectly snow covered. Particular attention is  given to children, here they can practise ski in the baby parking, just as well they can practise snowboard in the snow park, even night lightened. There are also two ski schools for beginners.

Polsa doesn’t mean only ski and snow, here you can practice trekking, especially on Monte Baldo, and descover several Bike Routes. Finally, how can we forget the gastronomic specialities, like Polenta with speck, knodel, corned beef, venison and boar ragouts….

To enjoy you holidays in Trentino Alto Adige, we reccomend the hotel chain Club Vacanze Polsa with its special last minute offers, which has two accomodations in that locality: Hotel Polsa and Hotel Dolomiti.


Photo Gallery Polsa di Brentonico

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