Hotel Dolomiti Wellness center


Relaxing Massage

Light massage for relaxing the tissues and increasing endorphins. It gives the natural feeling of relaxtion to the whole body.

Antistress Massage

30 min 35€

This Massage eliminates the adhesion between the tissues due to daily stess. The critical areas that need this treat ment are: cervical, shoulders and lumbar.

Hawaiian Massage

Massage predicated with arm and elbow for stimulate the deep tissute.

Limphatic Drainage Massage

60 min 60 €

Gambe gonfie e pesanti? Scopri i segreti del linfodrenaggio manuale, una tecnica dolcissima per drenare i tuoi liquidi e sentirsi più leggeri che mai!

Sportive Massage

60 min 60€

Deep massage techniques, particulary suitable for removing blood toxins stagnation and for relax pain and overtired muscles.

Zen Creative Massage

60 min 60€

Massage that comes from traditional oriental culture.

This massage is adapted to different physical characteristics of the person in order to restore mind and body balance and harmony.


60 min 50€

Pluck eyebrows, facial scrub, face mask, acupressure facial massage to release stress and tension.

Swollen and heavy legs? Discover the secrets of manual drainage, a sweet technique to drain your liquids and feel lighter than ever!

Distensive Deconstructing Massage

60 min 60€

This massage restors the right intervertebral distance lost through incorrect postures.

Decontracting Massage

60 min 60€

The decontracting massage restores the correct length of the muscle groups, solves muscle problems.

Circulatory Massage

60 min 60€

The circulatory massage is a very lighjt massage that works at the level skin to bring more blood to the heart giving more oxygen to the tissues.

Hot Stone Massage

60 min 60 €

Scrub + Total Body Massage

60 min 60 €

Draining Massage

60 min 60 €


30 min 25€ – 60 min 45€

Facial Massage

30 min 25 €

Neck Massage

30 min 35 €

Head Massage

30 min 25€

Massage packages

  • 3 massaggi da 30 min 95 €
  • 3 x 30-minute massage
  • 5 massaggi da 30 min 150 €
  • 5 x 30-minute massage
  • 5 massaggi da 50 min 220 €
  • 5 x 50-minute massage
  • 3 massaggi Total body 60 min 150 €
  • 3 total body 60-minute massage
  • 5 massaggi Total body 60 min 250 €
  • 5 total body 60 minute massage

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